Airbags Fraud and Damage

Airbags Fraud and Damage

Check if your Airbags have been deployed

Insurance companies warn that automobile repair shops often cheat when replacing automotive airbags. That's why you should know how to check airbgs. An airbag can save a persons life in a motor vehicle accident, but only in case its installed correctly and has no damages or obstructions.

When a vehicle is rebuilt after an accident, due to which an airbag deployed, you should ensure that the vehicle is not equipped with an ureliable airbag or even a used one. Very often mechanics will install an airbag taken from another car, but invoice the insurance company the cost of a new one. A airbag which was taken from another vehicle is not reliable enough because it can open with insufficient speed or not open at all.

You should also inspect your vehicle after any after market upgrades have been installed near the area where airbags are present. Sometimes installers may run wiring infront of the airbags which will cause the airbags to fail when involved in an accident that should deploy a airbag.

If you are curious about a used vehicle that you have purchased, you may always run a vehicle history check which will disclose if the vehicles airbags have been deployed. This doesn't apply to all vehicle history reports, but most of the reputable brands will provide this information.

Airbag Fraud

Airbag fraud is a an continuing scam that makes a lot of profit. From shops intalling a cover, under which the airbag is usually located, but do not install a airbag. They simply turn off the indicator, which should inform the vehicle owner about the absense of an airbag. To charging the price of a new airbag ranging from $500-$600.00, whereas the installed airbag is a used one bought for less than $100.00.

It's not easy to determine the quality and condition of the airbag, since the indicator light may be damaged or turned off. Therfor, experts advise to only repair/replace airbags with shops with good reputation, as well as require a certificate of buying a new airbag manufacturer. Despite the fact that receipts are easy to forge when dealing with an attentive client, scammers can be cautious and install a new airbag. In addition, insurers advise to check whether the warning light comes on when the ignition is switched on. If the indicator does not flash for a few seconds, it may be off or disabled.

The issue is complicated by the fact that used airbags do not necessarily fail. At best, a properly selected and installed airbag will work as needed, but in the worst case, a tragedy can occur. Manufactuers design and implement different airbags suited for their vehicles, with this being said installing an airbag from a different manufactuer that was not designed for your vehicle may not work effectively.

So, you should check very thoroughly if your vehicles airbag is safe enough not to be afraid of accidents. Heartless fraudsters do not care about yours and your family's safety: they care only about those $300.00 they can save while swindling you.

Can a vehicle be driven after deployed?

In very rare cases, it may be possible, but we don't recommend you to drive your vehicle immediately after airbags have been deployed. The car should be examined and repaired by a reputable mechanic before you drive again.